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Little is wasted....

Naturally it is our goal to operate the most efficient printing facility as possible. Waste is a product of any manufacturing process and we go to great lengths to minimize waste at all stages of our operation. Every unit is counted from the plates, to paper, and all consumables. We continually monitor and rate ourselves on maintaining low spoilage numbers to assure our effeciencies are keeping us competitive and offering our customers the best rates possible.

When waste does occur we do our best to recycle each material that can possibly be reconstituted. People seldom understand all that goes into the manufacturing process and below are a few examples of the recycling opportunities we take part in.

  • Our printing plates are aluminum which once we are done with your order go to the recycler.
  • Paper of course is recycled. This means any trim waste which comes from the finished product as well as waste created to set up an order. The paper we use comes on mill rolls wound on cores, we get the paper as close to the bottom of the core as possible and what we can't use we guillotine cut the rest off for reycling.
  • Our paper is delivered with protective plastic bubble wrap or paper wrappers. When opening a roll we save this material for recycling.
  • Corrugated cases and packing material can be recycled.
  • Thin chipboard used to back the bottom of ream paper.
  • Old printing equipment. That's right sometimes equipment that doesn't have its value anymore is an opporunity for being recycled.
 Paper Bales for Recycling