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Think of the process of film development that brings up images of dark rooms, chemicals, and people in goggles with rubber gloves. Well, that's similar to the process of what printers go through during the plate creating process for the presses. A design is made and then imaged onto negatives which are then chemically processed and developed. That negative would then be used to lay over an aluminum printing plate where the image is burned onto the plate and made ready for the press.

Negative Free Plate Processing

Our plate imaging process is done entirely with Computer To Plate (CTP) technology completely bypassing the negative process. The device is a large laser imaging device which works like a direct printer where the document design is sent directly from the computer as a print file to the machine which then laser etches the aluminum plates directly. The end result is not only more environmentally friendly but increases the quality because of the resolutions capable with the laser as well as removing an extra process which increases opporunity for human error.