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We own two primary printing facilities located centrally in CA ideal for production and shipping of any quantity. These facilities house over 217,000 square feet of manufacturing space to create, produce, warehouse, and ship your transcripts!

Gated perimeter, RFID access controls, and tight security protocols for all individuals and documents which pass through our facility. Ask you current manufacturer if they have this sort of control over your sensitive documents.

Secure Printing Plant

Our main manufacturing facility is broken down into several sections according to the method of production. Here is a partial view of one section responsible for general document production.

Expansive Printing Operation

Of course, documents must be staged orderly ready for their final destination or ready for warehousing. As with any manufacturing method, the more you order the lower your price per unit is. Take advantage of our free warehousing to order more units and lower your price. We also excel at handling multiple campus drop ship orders for those whom want to consolidate their purchasing and have us hold it.

Large Warehouse